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Both american raspberry leaf and european raspberry leaf are different, but there are Many who are crossbreeding american raspberry and european raspberry breeds since 1930s, and are cultivating them during winter for their leaves and fruits in america and europe. Most plants of summer-growing raspberry leaf grow in tropical and sub-tropical zones of Northern Asia and Eurasia or North Asia. European breeds' citations as medicine are found in over around 1500-years-old European Roman's texts. Since prehistoric times, healing qualities of European breed, by all those who trust its medicinal value, have been used to aid to quicken their labour through. Some of its species are Rubus idaeus (European red), Rubus strigosus (American red), Rubus occidentalis (North American black) and Rubus parvifolius (Australian native). Some believe that European and American red raspberries belong to Rubus idaeus, with the European plants classified as R. idaeus subsp./var. idaeus and the American red raspberries as R. idaeus subsp./var. strigosus.

With limited laboratory research and clinical trials, long history of use of its parts in European medicine by herbalists, is its main support as herbal medicine amongst American and European midwives. Whether some of them are arguing about its benefits or offering each other advice, its treetop bunch of benefits maintain a significant, spirited popularity. There are many who are drinking, swallowing or ingesting it for reducing complications during pregnancy and for reducing mid-phase of labour. Although Native to Eastern Europe, its presence throughout Europe today is credited to British king, who promoted its cultivation in medieval Britain. While summer-variety produces fruit, leaf-harvesting is done from pre-spring to late-summer for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Popularity of red raspberry tea among women of all ages, is due to it's beneficial effects on uterus with and without pregnancy, as all those who drink it during their pregnancy, do find that it quickens their labour and make it less painful...

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